Healthy Juice Recipes – Why You Should Make Your Own

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Once you know the benefits of juicing, it’s important to add healthy juice recipes into your daily routine. Healthy drinks and juices are great for your body and good for your weight as well.

When you juice you are combining two things; fresh fruit and vegetable. The juice is then diluted with water or other liquid to create a drinkable consistency.

While it sounds pretty simple, many people don’t juice in the same way that we do. Too often they juicer gets watered down for its convenience or they forget to adjust the juicer to be juiced out of the pectin in the pulp.

Too many of us think that what is in a bottle is enough to satisfy our thirst. However, the more we learn about juicing the more we realize the advantages of making your own juice instead of purchasing pre-made juices.

The best juicer is one that will combine fruit, vegetables and different elements to form a delicious smooth drink, but there are also a lot of other health benefits to adding a fruit and vegetable juice in your diet. Here are some benefits of juicing.

It is low in calories. Juicing has an impressive amount of antioxidants which actually help to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and weight gain.

Cholesterol, as you can guess, does not go through the juicer. There are many juice recipes that feature healthy fats like olive oil and avocado that you can use instead of olive oil and coconut oil, which are loaded with saturated fats.

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Enzymes help to process fat. If you want to cut those extra pounds, look for juicing recipes that feature the use of fiber for these are going to help you digest your food faster and give you a lot more energy.

Make a smoothie or drink with a fruit blend instead of the milk and cream. Both will give you those dry dishes that many are familiar with and will not give you the nutrition that you want to get from your fruits and vegetables.

Organic. Some people will skip this section, but organic juices are healthier and have a longer shelf life, which makes them a more beneficial option.

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie? If you aren’t sure, a smoothie is a combination of ingredients that don’t include nuts or seeds so they are whole fruits and vegetables, while the juice is a mixture of fruits and veggies.

Keep in mind that healthy juice recipes are just as good as their traditional counterparts, if not better, so don’t be afraid to throw a few of these healthy drinks into your daily routine. You’ll enjoy the effects of these recipes even more when you do.

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